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confront the abuse of power
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g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is edited by Denis Postle 
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g.o.r.i.l.l.a. will not exclude arguments in favour of domination. However the belief in, and practice of dominance seems so damaging, so unjust, so inequitable, so likely to be terminal in its outcome for humankind and so over-represented elsewhere, that I'm not intending to be unduly even-handed here as to its merits.

Look to g.o.r.i.l.l.a. for images and text that will help you unravel, contradict, expose, delineate, and resist, both the belief in, and the fact of dominance, coercion, the use of force, subordination, enslavement and hegemony, all these—as they are threaded through our personal, working and political lives.

Political here means our experience of power, or very often, powerlessness. Like the fish that takes water for granted, dominance and subordination become part of the wallpaper, a given, something we have to work with or around and yet it is possible to wake up to this distortion of human relating, to wake up to our victim/oppressor habits.

Some people wake up because of oppressor guilt, some because of their experience of being oppressed, some through witnessing the damage caused by the minutia of dominance that live in the grain of the times, and thus in the grain of us. This was my route. If and when when the spell breaks then you are likely, as I do, to see dominance everywhere. And then a different task emerges. What do you do? Collude? Sign up for the dominant clan? Or resist? Or seek to develop, create or generate alternative ways of human relating based on living from liking, living from love, that in their strongest versions are not contaminated by resistance to domination, that fly on their own wings.

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Last updated 19th March 2004