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Facilitate the power of love - confront the love of power.

00000Denis Postle
00000West London UK & Brussels Belgium

000The beginning of the 21st Century can be a lonely place. Lots of people live on their own. Families are under pressure. Community often means work or the pub but if your life feels as if it is falling apart, or might fall apart, that can be problematic.

000Maybe you're having a difficult time at the moment, even in a tight corner.

000What can you do?

000Perhaps counselling seems too amateurish and psychotherapy seems too close to mental illness. All the same you could do with someone to talk to, someone outside your circle of friends, someone who has lived a bit and who has a wide range of experience skills and interests.

000Whether your concern is to survive today, tomorrow, next week, or to recover from shocking or disturbing events, or simply to flourish as a human being, > can help you.<P> <FONT COLOR=#ff8080>000</FONT><IMG SRC= draws deeply on the knowledge, skills and practice of counselling and psychotherapy but is not a prisoner of them.

000LIFE SKILLS COACHING builds on the human capacity to learn to adapt and survive, and unlearn what is redundant or disabling. OK, we can't become someone else but we can move on in our lives, be more effective, make better choices, and navigate through life with greater joy and certainty.

000LIFE SKILLS COACHING is modelled on athletics coaching where an experienced practitioner passes on the knowledge, attitude, and skills of the athletics tradition that they have accumulated. In LIFE SKILLS COACHING this derives from my life as a film-maker, artist, divorced parent, musician, counsellor, psychotherapist and facilitator.

000How does LIFE SKILLS COACHING work?

000The base-line is that I help you take yourself on as a project.

000'Yourself as a project' may have many different forms and variety of starting points - making relationships, leaving relationships, parenting, career, family, redundancy, or other personal loss or a feeling that 'there must be more to life than this'

000The developing relationship with me as a resource, supports 'yourself as a project'. I hold the big picture, remember why you started in the first place and hold the memory of what was discovered and decided. An important part of the relationship as it develops is that I give you back to yourself in a variety of ways, reflecting how you present yourself, how you contribute to our relationship.

000During and (between our meetings) we will be likely to:

000Inquire into your personal history - how you became who you are.

000Look into how your life is structured i.e. class, job, family, money, race, gender, obligations.

000Bring to the surface un-realised or deferred dreams - look at what effect they might be having on your life

000Keep an eye on the big picture - your place in the wider scheme of things, the transpersonal/spiritual (and asking the question, is there a wider scheme of things?)

000Look at how you may be committed to unhelpful, redundant, self-defeating patterns

000Attend to deficits of skills and knowledge, especially around intimacy and emotional competence.

000Find ways of transferring skills between areas of your life that may be unnecessarily closed off from each other.

000Look at what makes your heart sing - where love is in your life.

000Keep an eye out for how power plays out in your life.

000I will encourage you to attend to this through the leading edge techniques of experiential inquiry, a sophisticated but accessible variant of learning from experience.

000The overall aim of LIFE SKILLS COACHING is to enable you to settle into yourself - with compassion for what is given and can't be changed; a realistic appraisal of prospects and opportunities; finding patience, imagination and support for the task of bringing into being whatever may be your destiny, and enabling you to live life more whole-heartedly and with greater zest.

000How long does it take?

000How fast do you learn?

000If you have already learned how to learn, then LIFE SKILLS COACHING can be rapid. If learning feels really foreign to you, or if you stopped learning when you left school, then... it will take longer. But the pace is up to you and the economics of LIFE SKILLS COACHING are greatly helped by giving time and attention to the inquiry between meetings. When its running well meetings become a time for reporting on what's going on, where you've got to, a rattle'n'shake of what you might do next. Its exciting, engaging and it makes a difference.

000If LIFE SKILLS COACHING sounds very practical that's because it anchors you in the 'here and now' (while taking excursions to the 'there and then'). The focus is on learning to navigate awarely and effectively from emotion and feeling, through imagination and making choices, into action.

000If this sounds appealing to you and you want to meet up to see how you could benefit from LIFE SKILLS COACHING

000contact me via e-mail

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