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g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is edited by Denis Postle 
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I started g.o.r.i.l.l.a. almost ten years ago to resist the efforts of UK psychotherapists who did seem to be in love with power, or were deficient, or ignorant about love. They were attempting to fence and claim possession of sectors of the psychopractice prairie, and trying to license access to them. All this while claiming (they still do) to be acting in the public interest. When their leaders began calling for 'weedkiller', which looked like it it was intended for people like me, it was time to act. They are still at it but following the critiques that you can taste elsewhere on g.o.r.i.l.l.a., now appear somewhat less complacent.

g.o.r.i.l.l.a. and sister site, ipnosis, still get lots of hits daily from therapists who appear to be trapped by their professional cultures of dominance.

Making and collecting good pieces of resistance to this generation of oppressive psychotherapists taught me quite lot about power, now it's time for a broader brush and a bigger canvas.

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Last updated 19th March 2004