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Self & Society
Self & Society is published by the Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain, AHP(B). It is produced bi-monthly, and is available both to members and to non-members.

Managing Editor: Alexandra Chafont
Commisioning Editor: Maxine Linnell
Reviews Editors: Aaron Balick
Editorial Board: Nicholas Albery, David Brazier, Petruska Clarkson, Yvonne Craig, Gaie Houston, David Kalisch, Maxine Linnell, Hilde Rapp, Brenda Rogers, Andrew Samuels, Robin Shohet, Nazreen Subhan, Alyss Thomas, Nick Totton, Emmy van Deurzen-Smith, Eric Whitton

Self & Society publishes articles in the field of humanistic psychology, particularly those concerning issues of personal development. The views expressed in Self& Society are not necessarily those of the editors or of the AHP (B). We welcome contributions, and have produced an information sheet about how to prepare a manuscript for Self & Society; for a copy write to the editorial address below.

The Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain
AHP(B) is an organisation devoted to exploring the ranges of human capacities and potential so as to enhance both the individual and society. Activities include lectures, workshops, an annual conference and occasional special events.

(articles, letters, conference reports)
Maxine Linnell
63 Foxcroft Close,
Rowley Fields,
tel: 0116 2891378
email SelfandSoc@AOL.com

Subscriptions and AHP(B) Membership
AHP(B), BM Box 3582,
London WC1N 3XX
Tel: 0181 749 6005

Managing editor
Alexandra Chalfont
19 Rosewood Court,
Alexandra Rd
Kingston upon Thames
tel/fax: 020 8546 4178
email: achalfont@lineone.net

Kathy Parsons
BM Box 3582
London WC1N 3XX
tel: 08457 078506

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