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g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is edited
by Denis Postle
We all live in Israel now...
I don't know what exactly triggered the thought... I suspect Ariel Sharon's walkabout in September 2000 in Jerusalem's Temple Mount that precipitated the Intifada... and then 9/11

... subsequently have I felt increasingly shocked by the tyrannical and racist behaviour of the Israeli government. I realized that the almost unconditional support for it by the US, and client states such as the UK, meant that I had became an unwilling participant in the oppression of the Palestinian people. And thus a potential target for an Islamic rage poisoned by hopelessness that the injustices flowing from the Zionist colonization of Palestine could ever be put right... i.e. we all live in Israel now.

Of course the Israeli/Palestinian dispute is not the only engine of Islamic rage. It is fed by the corporate mailed fist of US-led economic and cultural dominance, and the state terrrorism that has often accompanied it. Both well matched by the stupifying level of level of moral and intellectual corruption of Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern regimes. However events in Iraq, confirmed and supported my intuition that Israel has succeded in exporting both the racist content and the style of its dispute with the dispossessed Palestians. For example the retibution visited upon Falluja for the atrocities suffered by four American mercenaries has at the time of writing includes dozens of dead women and children and hundreds injured.

Why include this in g.o.r.i.l.l.a.? Israeli government policies on the Palestian dispute seem a transparent example of both the hypnotic attraction, and yet futility, of a one-dimensional, dominance view of human relations. That the Palestians have found in suicide bombing the antidote to overwhelming Israeli military might, may well support ethnic dignity but it has not prevented them being increasingly crushed and broken as a people, victim of the hugely disproportionate use of Israeli force.

As a non-innocent by-stander I feel an obligation to at least try to ensure I am informed about the origins and power dynamics of this apparently generic conflict.

I have found the articles/links here helpful and will add more as I come upon them.


Professor Franz Oppenheimer
Zionist colonization
This 1903 article features a discussion of how the colonization of Palestine should be organised. I could find no mention of the indigenous population or how they might receive this.

Ghada Karmi
It is not simply Israel’s current hardline government that is to blame for the subjugation of Palestinians, but Zionism itself

John Pilger
The Unmentionable Source of Terrorism
'...the weak have learned how to attack the strong, and the western crusaders' most recent colonial terrorism exposes "us" to retaliation.'

Afif Safieh
Sharon's Banana Republics
'..."an Israeli America"... where the global superpower adopts the regional policy of its client state and integrate it into its global strategy...turning "Capitol Hill into another Israeli-occupied territory".

Washington Post feature
One Land, Two Peoples
'...look closely at the distribution of the Israeli settlements in the last screen of this graphic presentation.

Kalle Lasn
Adbusters editorial: 'Why won't anyone say they are Jewish?'
' one in a mainstream position dares to deal openly with the neocon role in the Iraq war and Israel's connection to the war'
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