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Mon, 09 Aug 2004

You wanna bet?

Intuition is a great human capacity. It can be right on and it be way off. Anyway a day or two back I was musing over my muesli and risking indigestion mentally role-playing George Bush.

I am George Bush with half the world's armaments at my command and as usual I am drunk with the power of righeousness... I'm thinking... how could I be sure to get back into office in November? What would be an unanswerable event that would swing the 'don't knows' towards me? That would consign the Michael Moore tendency to the dust bin of history?

Intuition stirred and became a recognisable thought.  Find, kill or capture Osama bin Laden. But not yet. Not tomorrow or in the early fall, do it real close to election day.

So I'm guessing that the 'killer event' that will give Bush and his neo-con connections another four years may be exactly that. Look out for the surprising last minute capture of OBL.

On the other hand... if we run a bit of benign conspiranoia... Will it be a last minute lucky break? Considering the military and cultural resource that Pakistan has in the Afghanistan area do they really not know where OBL is? I find that difficult to believe.

Think Presidential again and maybe... OBL's whereabouts are well known... but leaving aside the Presidential Election agenda... he hasn't been picked up because dead or alive he presents more of a problem than leaving him alone. Dead he becomes martyr number 00001. Alive he's another kind of problem. What the hell do we do with him? Put him in Gitmo and let the dogs loose on him? Half the world will freak out if we treat him badly... and so on and so on.

First week in November? You wanna bet?