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Storming his forts
g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is edited by Denis Postle 

December 13, 2001

I witness that against the sharp blade
They always faced difficulties and stood together...
When the darkness comes upon us and we are bit by a sharp tooth, I say...
Our homes are flooded with blood and the tyrant
Is freely wandering in our homes
And from the battlefield vanished
The brightness of swords and the horses...
And over weeping sounds now
We hear the beats of drums and rhythm
They are storming his forts And shouting:
We will not stop our raids. Until you free our lands...

Excerpt from Osama bin Laden interview

Faced with the horror of such demonstrations of our vulnerability to being on the wrong side of military innovation as 9/11, Madrid, and Beslan, denial is no surprise. Denial that such brutality has been fed by the brutality and damage of centuries of colonial domination keeps the enemy out there. Evildoers, Terrorists, War.

In the first place such denial is understandable, in the second place it is very unintelligent, since reactions rooted in this denial will feed the flames, especially if they rely on 'shock and awe'. 9/11 opens the door to a new world in which some of the oppressed have found a voice to match the violence and oppression of their imperial tormentors.

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