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g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is edited by Denis Postle 
'Living from Love'
an Action Research enquiry

Learning to live from love
The origins of this Action Research enquiry
Two key trends
Some hints and pointers:

The Law of Conquest
Swords and shields against evil

Falluja Again
'Israeli style over-kill... a war crime', UN special adviser, Lakhdar Brahimi
Collective punishment

Davids and Goliaths
Domination - intrinsically harmful'
Resistance and dissent
King Kong
The plot

We insist on you being free.
Cultures of domination are entrancing

Dogs and 'war'
Our dog, Jeannie and Falluja overkill

Shock and H(Awe)rror
Falluja again, plus Abu Ghraib
Telling Stories

The Falluja Siege
Unveiling some new strands of domination
We all live in Israel now
The Law of Conquest - the Justice of Civilization
Genocide Chic

Ships passing in the night
Abu Ghraib compromises US moral superiority

Cultures of domination
An example:
Childbirth as spectacle

Dances of death
Iraq, Israel and gore fatigue
Creative bystanding
Tolerating the intolerable
Trance breakers
Holiday snaps

Holy Enemies
More on trance induction
Trance-breaking cont.
Spellbinding story lines
Terrorist enemies of security and civilization

'Subjects for your approval...'
Prince William joins army to meet his 'subjects'

We all live in Israel now
Israel exports security strategies
Israeli History: take 2
Israeli History: take 3 'Cruel Zionism'
Goodbye Goodwill

Sailing barge, repair and maintenance.
Domination snippets
The Normandy landings
Fundamentalism cont.
State power

Positive programme - named after Ghandi's programme to outwit British imperial dominance
Birth Matters
Another day

Dominionist Christianity
Overthrowing an evil anti-Christian conspiratorial secular society

Femininism—getting there!
Cardinal Ratzinger, as he then was, trashes feminism

You wanna bet?
Intuition fails

Finding a voice
Speaking about the unspeakable

Spellbinding stories
The persistence of domination and subjugation

President Bush—four more years...?
Dissenting voices - a gallery of derision, rage and disbelief

Living from love
Moving out of alienation, and fragmentation into a life lived from love

Voices from the margins
Anarchism, Tonality, and The New Imperialism

Fundamentalism - Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition
The fundamentals of human nature
What fundamentalism is
How fundamentalism comes into being
Fundamentalism – mirror of Western Modernism
Interim summary
Fundamentalism and psychotherapy
Psychotherapy and religion
Bringing it all Back Home

When to kill an old dog 1
As it says

When to kill an old dog 2
As it says

Action research - learning from experience
Life lived as an enquiry
Making Satygraha

The nth Crusade
Creating yet another New World Order
The Philipines
Here we go - here we go
Death of a soccer deity

When to kill an old dog 3
As it says

Gone missing
fThe 2004 presidential debates - trance induction
Trance propogation
A Terrorfied America

Telling it like it isn't.
The 2004 presidential debates -a nation entranced
Kerry v Bush
A 'faith-based presidency'

'Lives devoid of value' and the fallacy of invulnerability
A Distant Mirror?
The Spell of Security

God invades White House
Christian fundamentalism and the levers of power
1. Satanic Theology
2. Enough of facts - my mind is made up
3. Unpicking the power of righteousness
4. Holding the Big Picture
5. The politics of identity demolition
6. Echoes and resonances
7. Death of the American dream of invulnerability
8. Rolling Back Modernity
Darwin and DNA
9. Postscript

Staying on the case
Bad things happened - an emotionally demanding week
Isaeli reprisals.s Iraqi hostage(s)
155mm US Artillery firing on Falluja
Falluja casulties
US soldiers kill wounded men in Falluja
Iraqi suicide bombers—who are they?
Palestinian Child Deaths

Checking for intrapsychic blowback

Metaphor power
George Lakoff and metaphoric trance states

Power Weather
Jury service on a trial involving allegations of rape

Iraqi and Indonesian casulaties

Trance again
Legitimizing state violence

Bullying and the evolution of childcare

Values and framing
Values - finding the sacred in the secular

The Texas Ayatollah
A recycled cliché
The 2005 US Presidential Inauguration - the US as an emergent theocracy?

Cultures of domination
Picture gallery
A collection of images of how our culture keeps love at arms length

Flat earth theology and crucifixation
Papal Catholicism - reflections on the funeral of John Paul II
Flat-earth theology
Christianity as psychological defence
Faith generation
Imaginal landscapes
Dominance damages
Flight from modernity
Conclusion - Brand managing human nature
Media comment on the papacy of Pope John II

Giving children the education they deserve.
The why and how of starting a Waldorf Steiner school

Pause for breath
Dominance weather
Images and the hegemony of text

Reaping the whirlwind
The London bombings -
Blowback? Or bad religion?


Here are some links to pages that add to, or extend the enquiry:

Dear Friends
Email message in response to 9/11

'Storming his forts'
Osama bin Laden poetics

We all live in Israel now...
Israeli-style 'overkill' reaches the rest of us

9/11 - breaking the trance
A voice of the oppressed makes itself heard

Tonality and Totality
Western musical tonality dominates alternatives

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Last updated 9th September 2004