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g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is edited by Denis Postle 
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Look then to g.o.r.i.l.l.a. also for constructive alternatives to domination—examples of, and recipes for, cooperative enterprises, that support 'living from liking', 'living from love', i.e. power sharing—which are sceptical of, but not phobic to, hierarchy. That this entails tough choices and searching personal inquiry hardly needs to be said, as g.o.r.i.l.l.a. accumulates there will be sections that will point you to how to engage with this task, along with some pointers to the swamps and delusions that you might encounter on the way.

By definition g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is not an 'authoritative' take on dominance. I intend it as a resource—one that will stimulate inquiry. Finding and using forms of inquiry that are not factories for hegemony will be a continuing theme of both this part of the site.

One element of was the that I closed in October 2005 (the write-backs were being overwhelmed by pornographers and viagra merchandising) All of it is available via this CONTENTS page. Still ongoing is its sequel, Living From Love an Action research inquiry into... living from love... what helps and what hinders it.

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