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President Bush—four more years...?
g.o.r.i.l.l.a. is edited by Denis Postle 
US Presidents are charged with telling and re-telling the American dominant elite stories. President Bush's versions of these narratives seems to have attracted an exceptional amount of contradiction, derision and rage. Will it make a difference at the polls? We'll see. Flash
a collection of animations by Eric Blumrich and others that confront the pain and suffering that "full spectrum dominance" entails

Recollections of US/Iraqi collusion
Thanks for the memory )

Which America? Martin Luther King and George Bush


Dr Bushlove - Iraq 1980 (We'll meet again)

Depleted uranium: Poisonous legacy - The 2nd, 3rd and 4th Nuclear wars

Technocratic dominance: demonstration

Long ago in Ancient Greece lived the Bush who began it all Hercubush

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Why military spending is problematic
Flash animation

Take Back the media
"No one can terroize a whole nation unless we are his accomplices" Edward R. Murrow

One Army

Mark Fiore Afghanistan animation

Bush in 41.2 seconds

'A GREAT little ad that tells it like it is! Caution- adult language!'

Idiot son of an asshole

Perspectives on US social priorities ie military industrial costs
Taking America back from the current craziness
by Ben Cohen

Intelligence failures lead to casualties

Flash animation

Candle flame

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