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Wed, 25 Aug 2004

Cultures of domination

Just as we might suspect a goldfish knows nothing about the water it swims in, so in pursuing an inquiry so close to the roots of our  notions of human nature as studying domination, the object of the enquiry can be seem very elusive.

Recognising what I call 'cultures of domination' can be a useful stepping stone to realizing the extent to which domination appears to be in the grain of history, apparently a given. Until we see it we are not likely to be able to confront it.

This article 'Shock and awe?—too much God—not enough love' that I wrote in response to the US/UK attack on Iraq outlines what I mean by cultures of dominance.

And if the notion of domination still seems out of reach, while I was writing this today an item about bullying appeared on the BBC web-site that brings it into more local focus.

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