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Facilitate the power of love - confront the love of power.
H u m a n P o t e n t i a l V o i c e s !

H u m a n P o t e n t i a l V o i c e s ! is committed to valuing, developing and conserving a domain of Human Potential psycho-practice that:
  • favours empowerment of clients through facilitation, co-creation, partnership, companionship, education and other 'power with' metaphors of relationship.
  • is innovative, accessible and diverse in its range of approaches.
  • defines the limits of its client population by their capacity for Sufficient Available Functioning Adult Autonomy [S.A.F.A.A.], or some equivalent, such as cocounselling's 'free attention'.
  • does not rely on medical precedents and metaphors such as 'treatment', 'patients', 'diagnosis', 'casework', 'referrals' or 'pathology'.
  • is able to hold, and respond to, awareness of the psychological, transpersonal and political dimensions of life on our planet.

H u m a n P o t e n t i a l V o i c e s !
features a mixture of material from both individuals and organisations.


    Denis Postle articles, events, services and training materials

  • Living Together - a practical guide relationships tips for better coupledom
    revised and rewritten... find it on Letting the Heart Sing - The Mind Gymnasium CD-ROM
    This article puts together in one place a collection of notions that I have developed with, and for, clients over the last 15 years; guidelines that aim to increase the chances of fruitful living together.
    No magic. No sex, money, children or pets. Just helpful principles that may apply to all of these.
    Topics covered include:
    Appreciation. Collisions. Contracts. Dependence. Difference. Doubt. Equivalence. Flourishing. Honesty. Liking. Negotiation. Power. Transitions. Rapport. You, Me, and Us.
    Think of them as nourishment. Dip in. Feast

  • 'Life Skills Coaching
    You don't fancy counselling and psychotherapy is too redolent of mental illness. Though Life Skills Coaching I offer supportive, supportive help with life crises that won't go away. London and Brussels.

  • Facilitation coaching
    Busy facilitators/groupleaders find that Facilitation Coaching provides a very flexible way of combining one-to-one support and challenge around facilitation skills, ethics, practice and career issues. London and Brussels.

  • From Survival and Recovery to Flourishing
    This article reports on the first in a series of co-operative inquiries held in France. The series looks into how we can move on from the possible limitations of main-stream therapy with its emphasis on 'problem-solving', to a new discipline of flourishing based on 'creating'.

  • From Survival and Recovery to Flourishing
    residential Cooperative Inquiry

    Learn cooperative inquiry and use it to explore and practise flourishing. watch this space for announcements of new events, or e-mail for details of present and future offerings

  • Learning and Unlearning: a Guide to Personal Development
  • retitled Becoming a Person... rewritten and expanded... find it on Letting the Heart Sing - The Mind Gymnasium CD-ROM
    Outline of an accessible, original model of how some varieties of early learning generate adult disability. A must for all parents! .

  • 'Emotional Competence? a Luxury or a professional obligation?'
    revised and expanded... find it on Letting the Heart Sing - The Mind Gymnasium CD-ROM
    Nix to either 'emotional literacy' or 'emotional intelligence' -- emotional competence is what matters, especially if you are in any form of caring profession or occupation. Use the checklist to see if you have it.

  • Bringing About Change - Adaption/Innovation theory
    revised and expanded... find it on Letting the Heart Sing - The Mind Gymnasium CD-ROM
  • Do you ever come up against people whose values and style seem like they come from another universe? Do you ever seem to be the WhizzKid in fuddy duddy country? Or the Conservative beseiged by liberals? Check out your creative style, maybe its very divergent from the people around you.

  • Self and Peer Assessment
    Find a revised and expanded version on Letting the Heart Sing - The Mind Gymnasium CD-ROM
    Self and Peer Assessment [S&PA] makes a very effective contribution to the problem of embracing diversity of practice and attainment in a psycho-practitioner accreditation process. It takes the value base that most psychotherapists, counsellors and facilitator practitioners would support, 'power with' others, and gives it form, discipline and rigor..

  • CAER
    The Centre for Alternative Education and Research in Cornwall run by Jo May provides innovative workshops for personal and spiritual development, and training, coupled with excellence in standards of facilitation.

  • Co-counselling
    a very brief over-view of one of the most influential working methods of the Human Potential Movement

  • Re-evaluation counseling
    R.C. the original version of cocounselling, still prospers. Not wonderfully congruent in the the way they are organised, (they are still administered from a centre in Seattle) but they do have a world-wide network of practitioners. Contact them for details of on-line trainings and contacts in many countries.

  • The Independent Practitioners Network [IPN]
    Founded in 1995, IPN is a national network of linked groups of counsellors psychotherapists facilitators and other psycho-practitioners who are developing a more congruent route to ethical practice and acountability, than that of UKCP or other 'register-builders'.

  • Introducing The Independent Practitioners' Network
    This screen has brief details of the network

  • How to get involved with The Independent Practitioners' Network

  • The Independent Practitioners Network
    This is the text of an article by Nick Totton about IPN.

  • SelfHeal
    Embodied/Relational Therapy and Training in Leeds. The Selfheal website has a really excellent listing of 'non-mainstream' psycho-practice resources.

  • Client Education and Information
    A Client's Guide to Psychotherapy .....
  • revised and expanded... find it on Letting the Heart Sing - The Mind Gymnasium CD-ROM
  • is an accessible guide to hiring a psychotherapist, counsellor or any other psycho-practitioner.

  • article by Peter Ellis
    How Continuum-conscious is your Therapy (or Therapist)?
    'In attempting to articulate the continuum-conscious mindset, I have devised a set of questions which can be asked in relation to any psychotherapy, or psychotherapist Those who are actively seeking a therapist may find the questions useful in focusing their ideas on what they are looking for. People already in therapy can use the questions to assess their therapist's approach against continuum-conscious criteria. Therapists themselves may wish to use the questions as a starting point for exploring their own hidden assumptions about human nature'.

  • Article by Richard Mowbray
    Personal growth groups as an alternative cultural form '....an experience of an alternative way of living - one in which a wider range of aspects of people are accepted and in which living on a deeper basis is enacted and more directly experienced than in many other cultural settings'.

  • other related web resources

  • Self and Society
    Journal of the Association for Humanistic Psychology in Britain, AHP(B). publishes articles in the field of humanistic psychology, particularly those concerning issues of personal development. The only UK journal to consistently publish material questioning the value of psycho-practice professionalisation.

  • Articles by John Heron.
    • John Heron: A Little Book of Co-creating '...A rewrite of the theory and method of co-counselling from a transpersonal perspective..... it derives from an inquiry with twenty Co-counselling International teachers this summer...'

    • John Heron: The Life Divine and a Self-generating Culture:
      'I give here a short account of the kind of religious innovation with which we want to engage. The 'we' here refers to all those whose vision is in tune with the content of this document...'

    • John Heron: Space and consciousness
      '...Each person can be construed as a multispatial imaginal, that is, a conscious being that is involved in creating a set of different, yet interrelated, imaged spatial worlds. The word 'involved' is important here since a person participates in the creativity, refracts it, manifests it, relays it, gives idiosyncratic form to it. It is a life-given power of the mind, like breathing is life-given power of the body; and as with breathing, we can influence and modify it, but we do not produce it...'

    • John Heron: Transpersonal Cooperative Inquiry
      This paper gives a short account of some issues involved in using co-operative inquiry as a method of transpersonal research, outlines a relevant cartography, and presents a prospectus for future inquiries.

    • John Heron:Spiritual Inquiry: A critique of Ken Wilber
      first published in 'Cooperative Inquiry', University of Bath

    • John Heron:A Way out for Wilberians
      A long and detailed critique of Wilber's work available from John Heron's Cooperative Inquiry web site.

    • A Critique of Ken Wilber's Sex, Ecology, Spirituality
      If you'd like to see this e-mail John Heron direct

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